Appointment Scheduling Solution

Appointment scheduling is key in helping you increase revenue and improve customer loyalty. Let your customers book services, schedule appointments and reserve resources on their phone, tablet or desk top computer regardless of where they are.

Modern design to convert visitors to customers.

Appointment scheduling


Customized Notifications


Unify digital and physical channels

Appointment Scheduling

Create profitable customer engagements with our appointment scheduling and event ticketing solution


Appointment Scheduling

Manage different appointment types within the same scheduling system. Create appointment reminders using multiple communication channels. Users can see and get reminders about upcoming appointments.

Multi Location Staff

Manage bookings for multiple locations and staff for all locations in one appointment scheduling system. Define staff members for each location and assign resources required for each appointment.

Event checki-n

Get full control of the check-in process and with a centralized view of operations. With the concierge interface, your staff can help to sign-in customers and control the appointment booking process.

Personalized Notifications

Send notifications and reminders to your customers to reminf them about their appointments or events. Send notifications using multiple channels.

Interactive Maps and Direction
Display an interactive map to each location where your events are hosted. Customers or visitors can follow the maps to the venue.


Monitor key insights at a glance. Reports show key statistics like

  • Total number of bookings
  • Top services
  • Top locations
  • Capacity utilization
  • Cancellation rates
  • Appointment outcomes
  • And more

Centralized Appointment Scheduling Dashboard

Perform all important functions of managing appointments within a simple, easy to use calendar view. At a glance, staff can view appointment history and customer background information collected from previous appointments. This strengthen interactions between staff and customers, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Lead Generation

Your website comes with lead generation and capturing forms to help you generate leads and capture them to convert them to customers or clients. Lead generation tools can be in the form of contact forms, subscription forms or even no obligation quote forms. Capturing your leads gives you the an advantage, even if a user does not buy now, you can convert them over time if you have captured their details correctly.

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