Small Business Website

Business oriented website design and development services. We do not make websites just for online presence, but rather to make your business flourish by leveraging the power of the internet to reach  customers in all walks of life.

Modern design to convert visitors to customers.

Responsive web design for all devices

Optimised and fine tuned for performance, speed and security

Built on WordPress

What your website must have for your business to succeed

Our professional team of web developers use WordPress to deliver high performance small business websites and solutions that solve problems faced by small businesses. We build websites with features that will help small businesses grow.

eCommerce Ready

Your website is ready for ecommerce integration should you wish to start selling online. We will never ask you to start another website.

Beautiful Web Design

Even though we prioritize business logic but we also make sure you get a beautiful website to impress your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Basic SEO is already baked in so that your website can be easily found on search engines. Website submitted to all popular search engines at no cost.

Lead Generation

Why have a website if it won’t help you get new leads. We integrate lead generation features to convert visitors into customers.

Interactive Maps
Display all your store locations with essential information about your business. This will help your customers find yourr business easily.
Contact Forms / Lead Generation

Contact forms and subscription forms are essential for lead generation. We integrate lead generation tools to convert visitors to leads.


It is very important to have a secure website these days, there are a lot of bad robots out there. We build secure WordPress websites employing the most effective hardening techniques.


You should never worry if your website suddenly receives high web traffic. We build scalable and high performance websites to handle large traffic and make sure the website stays online during busy times.


We priritise accessibility in early design and development of your website to make sure it is accessible to everyone.

Search Engine Optimization

Basic Search Engine Optimization is already baked in. Get detailed Google Search analytics with the built in Google Site Kit plugin already installed so you can see what your visitors are looking for and how they get to your site. This is great so you can analyze your traffic and make educated usiness decisions to help your business grow online


Analyze the traffic to your website so you can get more insights into your visitors demographics. Know how many visitors visited a specific page, where they came from before visiting your site and how much time they spent on each page on your website. This information is useful for targeting your visitors with customized content for better lead generation and sales.

Blogging Tools

Blogging is one important tool to attract visitors to your website. Write compelling and content rich blog posts with WordPress and get more people loving, sharing and enjoying your content. Blog posts further improve your website search engine rankings.

Lead Generation

Your website comes with lead generation and capturing forms to help you generate leads and capture them to convert them to customers or clients. Lead generation tools can be in the form of contact forms, subscription forms or even no obligation quote forms. Capturing your leads gives you the an advantage, even if a user does not buy now, you can convert them over time if you have captured their details correctly.

Our Latest Projects

See what we have done for  small business. We have prepared case studies for the most recent small business websites.

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