Website Design

Business oriented website design and development services. We do not make websites just for online presence, but rather to make your business flourish by leveraging the power of the internet to reach  customers in all walks of life.

Responsive Web Design

We use a mobile first design approach to ensure your website is well optimized for mobile devices. We know that most people access websites from their mobile devices and thus optimizing your website for mobile devices is a priority.

User Experience

A good design should be one that is easy to use for vistors and employees alike. We design websites that will be used as a tool to improve customer satisfaction and help employees weork better. A website should be a tool for success.

Fine Tuned for Success

We fine tune each website according to the customer’s needs as we know from experience there is no such a thing as one size fits all when it comes to website design and web solutions. We fine tune each solution for the specific client.

Website Design with goodies

Our web design and development services come with essentials to success already baked in so that you do not have to pay extra for basic things that are necessities for success.

eCommerce Ready

Your website is ready for ecommerce integration should you wish to start selling online. We will never ask you to start another website.

Beautiful Web Design

Even though we prioritize business logic but we also make sure you get a beautiful website to impress your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Basic SEO is already baked in so that your website can be easily found on search engines. Website submitted to all popular search engines at no cost.

Lead Generation

Why have a website if it won’t help you get new leads. We integrate lead generation features to convert visitors into customers.

Mobile Friendly Designs
All websites we make are easily accessible and compatible with all mobile devices and are easy to navigate.
Business Consulting

We won’t leave you in the dark, we offer ongoing consulting and support to keep improving your website or web app until it serves your business right – and beyond.

Pricing Plan

We offer flexible payment plans allowing you to get started with minimal budget.

Conflated Solutions uses WordPress to create cutting edge websites.

WordPress is an open source CMS that powers nearly 27% of all websites in the world. WordPress allows anyone to build and publish a website or blog in a matter of minutes. However, the built in layout does not suit most website needs and the functionality is olso limited. At Conflated Solutions, we build on top of WordPress to produce unique, cutting edge websites and solutions for our clients.

Our Latest Projects

See what we have done for our clients. We have prepared case studies for various projects including WordPress Plugins & Themes, WooCommerce stores, Mobile Apps and branding and signage projects.

Yakhikamva Budget Website Design
Smetu Consultants Budget Website Deign

Frequently Asked Questions

You might be asking yourself some questions, we have answers. Please feel free to ask any question about our website design and development services.

Do you design everything from scratch?

We use our proven project strategy to start from nothing to a final product by analyzing customer brief, drawing sketches and designing a good layout before we start development. In some cases, especially for small websites, we simply start on prototyping to reduce the project scope and to work within budget.

Do you use WordPress

Absolutely yes. We love WordPress, we build most websites on WordPress to make it easier for our customers to edit and to future proof the website for any integrations that may be required.

Do you offer Web Hosting?

Yes we do. With our customized hosting environment, your website is always online.

How we do it.
Our Streamlined
Process & Workflow.


We use detailed and streamlined processes to ensure efficient service delivery and highly optimized solutions for all projects we take. We give special attention and scrutiny to each step of the process because we believe a small mistake in one step may lead to a disaster on the next step.

Project Research

First is to research and gather enough information before anything else. This information helps us better plan and design the solutions. 


Then, we create detailed wire frames and sketches showing what the final product will look like. This helps us identify all required features and how they will work together to solve the problem.


Wire frames are converted into comprehensive designs and processes for the day to day use of the solution. Without a good design, there will never be a better solution.


Now with the designs, we develop the solution from the ground up following streamlined processes for efficiency and delivery within budget.

Let's Work Together

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? We will be delighted to be the ones to help your business reach new heights. Please contact us now. 

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