WordPress Maintenance and Suppport

Protect your precious investment with monthly maintenance and technical support. We can keep your website updated, fine tuned, secured and backed up .


Maximum Security

Regular Backups


WordPress Maintenance for your website is very important

Our professional WordPress Maintenance and Support service ensures smooth running of your website so that you only have to focus on growing your business while we focus on keeping your website updated, secured and fine tuned for performance.


It is very important to have a secure website these days, there are a lot of bad robots out there. We build secure WordPress websites employing the most effective hardening techniques.


You should never worry if your website suddenly receives high web traffic. We build scalable and high performance websites to handle large traffic and make sure the website stays online during busy times.

Regular Backups

Regular secure offsite backups of your files and database. We keep reduntant and secure copies of your website so you never worry about losing important data.

Weekly WordPress Updates

We run a regular update of your WordPress core, plugins and themes to ensure your website is up to date and as secure as possible.

Code Audit

Regular ode audit to ensure your website is on its optimum health. We check links to see if they direct users as intended. With our site audit service, rest assured that your website is always healthy.

Image Optimization

Images are very important to add a visual appeal to your website. If images are not optimized they can slow down your website aking it difficult for your visitors. We optimize images to make them load quickly, improving the speed of your website.

Pricing Plans

How does it actually work?

Our WordPress Support and Maintenance services are really simple. With our maintenance plans we babysit your website so you don’t have to worry, our support plans mean you only contact us when needed. Here is the comparison.


Let’s say you have a big house, you want it always clean and up to hygienic standards but you are busy with other things. You get house help and trust them to look after your house and keep everything in order. It’s essentially the same thing with WordPress maintenance, you have a website that must be clean and performing great but you are busy looking after your business, this is where we come in.

We have access to your website

It’s like we have a key to your website which allows us to keep track of things and finetune your website as need.

We keep tabs and fine tune your website

We install tools to help us monitor your website. So that we get notifications if the website is having issues.

We update and backup your webite

We do regular updates and backups for your website so that it is always up to date and backed up.

We run regular fixes and content changes

You tell us what to add and we do it. We check for errors and fix them.

Fixed monthly fee.

Pay a tiny fixed monthly subscription for your WordPress site’ security.


You have a big house that you look after yourself making sure it’s clean if something breaks and you don’t know how to fix it. You hire a skilled person to do the fix or upgrade. It’s the same for WordPress Support, you look after your website but if an update breaks your site, you need to upgrade or the site gets hacked, then you need someone to help clean up and fix, that is where we come in with our WordPress Support service.

We don't have access to your website

You only give us access when you need us to fix something and you may revoke access afterward.

You monitor your website

You do the heavily daunting task of monitoring your website and keeping it running.

You backup and update your website

You do the website updates yourself.
You backup the site yourself.

You update your content.

You add and update your content and fix up the issues that may occur.

Billed hourl or per fixupdate

You are billed hourly for the work done or a fixed price per support request.

Some Common Questions about WordPress Maintenance and Support

From time to time we get questions from our clients about our WordPress Maintenance services, here are the most common questions and answers.

What do you need to setup support on my WordPress website

First you have to purchase a maintenance plan Then you will receive a customer onboarding form which we use to collect information about your website. After sending the form to us, we will install the plugins we use to monitor your website, this includes security, performance, optimization and backup plugins.

Do you support ecommerce websites?

We support all types of ecommerce websites built on WordPress regardless of the ecommerce plugin used. We WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, Paid Memberships and other ecommerce plugins listed on WordPress.org.  

What about WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite and Multi Network is fully supported.

What happens if something goes wrong on my website?

We install website monitoring tools on your website so if something goes wrong we will receive an alert instantly and we will act accordingly.

How do I contact support?

You can submit a support ticket any time and we will respond timely. Telephonic support is available during working hours which is South African Standard Time or GMT+2. 

Custom Development

If you need something fixed or something new added to your website we can help. We can add new plugins or create custom features based on your needs.

We are here to help

Any time you need technical assistance or need content added to your website, just let us know. Chat with us or submit a support ticket